Breed Characteristics

LaMancha does are at least 28 inches tall and weigh 130 pounds while bucks are at least 30 inches tall and weigh 160 pounds. Any color or color combination is acceptable.

​In 2019, the average LaMancha doe on milk test produced an average of 3.7% butterfat. The Nigerian Dwarf (a miniature breed) and the Nubian are well known to be the highest butterfat producers; however, the LaMancha has earned the recognition of having both high milk and butterfat production! The LaMancha was third in protein and butterfat percentage after the Nigerian Dwarf and the Nubian (3.2%). ​(

The hair is short, fine and glossy and the bridge of the nose is straight. The distinctive feature of the LaMancha is very short ears. To be registered, bucks may have ears no longer than one inch with little or no cartilage. Does may have ears up to two inches in length.

The LaMancha breed was developed in the United States and is known for its calm nature. It produces well in a variety of climates and conditions. If you’re curious about how this American-developed breed came into existance, check out this article:
The Tale of the Ear” from Quixote Lamanchas.

Our LaMancha Herd


We are listing our doe herd by family groupings in the tables below.

Lilly Family

NameLA ScoreDIM MilkFatProtHighlights
Caplon Kidz Lilly03-06 82 (A+AV)13912735638Smaller stature, yet a milking powerhouse.
Redeemer Acres Jelly Bean0205 83 (++AV)5023667145116A farm favorite with great udder texture.
Redeemer Acres Beautiful RaysScheduled 8/2215411103229Very pretty udder with a blended fore.
Redeemer Acres RoseScheduled 8/2215115049345Capacious udder and a dream to milk.
Redeemer Acres PassionScheduled 8/22Sweet big-bodied girl.
Redeemer Acres SunshineScheduled 8/22Long, tall, stylish, nice bisket.

Miss Maddie Family

NameLA ScoreDIMMilkFatProtHighlights
SG Livin’ My Dream HE Miss Maddie 2*M02-07 86 (VVVV)18621405561Added an elite doe with superior genetics to our farm.
Redeemer Acres Miss MapleSugarScheduled 8/22Big powerful first freshener.
Redeemer Acres Miss MooPlanned 2023Deep bodied with nice angulation.
Redeemer Acres Miss MulePlanned 2023Nice legs with a balanced body.

Moriah Family

NameLA ScoreDIMMilkFatProtHighlights
Autumn-Acres Moriah01-07 (+V++)16013304934Long, deep body with udder that milks out beautifully.
Redeemer Acres Mt. St. HelenScheduled 8/2247522067060Long level doe on extended lactation.
Redeemer Acres Mt. MarmoladaScheduled 8/22Smaller doe, beautiful high mammary.
Redeemer Acres Mt. McKinleyPlanned 2024Cute little kid that likes to show off.
Redeemer Acres Mt MantigueiraPlanned 2024Pretty kid with a very long level back.


NameLA ScoreHighlights
Autumn-Acres Manta Ray01-07 85 (+VE)Wide, strong buck that puts beautiful mammary on his kids.
Raintree Q MudslideScheduled 8/22Nice and level with correct feet and legs.
Raintree Win LicoriceScheduled 8/22All 6 2021 kids had beautiful body structure.

A bunch of happy goats.