Breed Characteristics

Oberhasli does are at least 28 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds while bucks are at least 30 inches tall and weigh 150 pounds.

Oberhasli color is described as bay, ranging from light to a deep red bay with correct black markings. Does may also be solid black.

Oberhasli have short erect ears and the bridge of the nose should be either straight or dished.

This breed is also known for its calm disposition.

Our Oberhasli Herd


We are listing our doe herd by family groupings in the tables below.

Skipper Family

NameLA ScoreDIMMilkFatProtHighlights
Caplon Kidz Skipper03-08 83 (+V++)18614163641Our foundation ober, nice udder texture.
Redeemer Acres SkittlesScheduled 8/2216614905040Very dairy, smaller, nice mammary.
Redeemer Acres Sugar BabyScheduled 8/2217912303132Very easy to hand milk.
Redeemer Acres Xtras TaffyScheduled 8/22Beautiful high udder, wonderful attachments.
Redeemer Acres StarburstPlanned 2023Very tall and wide yearling.

Blue Family

NameLA ScoreDIMMilkFatProtHighlights
Half Barn Farm RB Blue RibbonScheduled 8/2216113603936Very level across her topline, nice feet and legs.
Redeemer Acres PM VioletScheduled 8/22Excellent mammary, very blended fore.
Redeemer Acres BlackberryPlanned 2023Long and level.
Redeemer Acres RainbowPlanned 2023Looking forward her fresh freshening.

Rosie Family

NameLA ScoreDIMMilkFatProtHighlights
Half Barn Farm RB RosetteScheduled 8/2215312944234Very dairy, sweet. Great hand milker.
Redeemer Acres TrophyPlanned 2023Strong with great width.


NameLA ScoreHighlights
Buttin’Heads Purple Morning01-05 83 (+++)The attachments and height of mammary on his offspring are beautiful.
Redeemer Acres Xtras PrizeScheduled 8/22He’s a big long boy and passes it to his kids.